The bill also stipulates that tenants staying in a rental unit, as mentioned in the agreement, will be required to pay double the rent for the first two months and four times the rent in the following months. If we look at all applicable laws in the country, we can see that all agreements, to be valid and applicable in court, must be certified and executed properly. However, the same tax would be the same as under the laws of the state concerned. If electronic tagging facilities are provided for by national legislation, they will also be used to achieve the goal of a paperless economy. While some governments have yet to accept the value and legitimacy of e-agreements and electronic stamps. Both the state and the central government are eager to conclude clear e-agreement and electronic stamping agreements to save time and money and simplify business. Employment contract, executed for the performance of an agreement with a security provision to ensure the correct performance of a contract or the correct execution of a liability (a) assessment or evaluation made for information of only one party, and not in any way mandatory between the parties, either by agreement or enforcement of the law. b) the assessment of arable crops for the purpose of determining the amount to be given to a lessor as rent. (a) if such a loan or debt is repaid on request or more than three months from the date of the agreement instrument; for each rupee a thousand or a portion of the amount of the loan or debt, the agreement to deposit deeds of ownership, the deposit, the assumption or the pledge, i.e. any instrument proving a conservatory custody agreement (1) the deposit of title deeds or securities that constitute or occupy the title of a property (excluding a negotiable guarantee); or (2) The pledge, mortgage or collateral of personal property, when such a surety, pledge, assumption or collateral must be made as collateral for the repayment of the money advanced or by a credit or by an existing or future debt- It is often found that most people prepare a rather immeasurable lease, with many loopholes , because of the problems that might result from it, are simply not aware. The majority of the population does not realize that a poorly drafted agreement could make things ugly in the event of a dispute in the future.