(ii) if the shareholders or other directors are not filled in the manner provided for in paragraph (i) of this paragraph, or 3), the company has only one shareholder who has the right to vote at the general meeting of shareholders, a person who is or represents that shareholder may constitute that meeting. The special benefits of a shareholders` agreement include: 171 (1) Directors may set a registration date under this section for any purpose, including for the purpose of shareholder determination This agreement is made from _____b) if the memorandum or articles provide that a director, by decision of voting shareholders, is in a particular resolution or method. Shareholder agreements are often used when individuals or companies create a new company or invest in an existing business. As a general rule, a shareholder contract is a contract between two or more shareholders of a company and often of the company itself, which complements and is subject to the company`s statutes and the relevant laws of the companies. These agreements generally aim to define the fundamental rights and obligations of the parties with respect to the management of the company, fundamental changes or important decisions, share transfers, change of ownership of the company, settlement of shareholder disputes, exit mechanisms of shareholders who wish to sell their shares and protection of minority shareholders. A shareholders` pact defines the rights and obligations of a company`s shareholders and allows shareholders to participate in the management of certain business of the company. If the company`s by-law permits, a company`s directors may decide that a shareholder meeting be held exclusively by telephone, electronic or other means of communication allowing all participants to communicate appropriately during the meeting. In such cases, it is the company`s responsibility to make these facilities available. Shareholder agreements may also establish share transfer rules when certain events such as the death, resignation, dismissal, private insolvency or divorce of a shareholder occur.