A lasting peace requires efforts undertaken and led by Sudan to implement this agreement in a spirit of cooperation and compromise. The troika looks forward to continuing to help the parties and all Sudanese achieve a lasting peace. As part of the ongoing peace process between the transitional government and various rebel groups, an agreement was reached on 3 September 2020 in Addis Ababa to separate religion from the state and not discriminate against anyone in order to ensure equal treatment for all Sudanese citizens. According to the Statement of Principles, “Sudan is a multiracial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multicultural society. The full recognition and accommodation of this diversity must be confirmed. (…) The state must not establish an official religion. No citizen should be discriminated against on the basis of his religion. [41] Secularism had long been a claim of the SPLM-North al-Hilu rebel group, with a spokesman saying: “The problem is (…), why did people become rebels? Because there are no equal civil rights, there is no distribution of wealth, there is no equal development in the country, no equality between blacks and Arabs, Muslims and Christians. [42] CAIRO – Leaders of Sudan`s interim government and a number of rebel groups signed a peace agreement Saturday in Juba, South Sudan`s capital, which hopes observers will end nearly two decades of conflict in war-torn areas, including Darfur. Article 23 (3) of the draft constitutional declaration of 4 August sets a quota of at least 40% for women in the Transitional Legislative Council. [11] [10] Section 23.

(1) sets the maximum membership at 300 and excludes the membership of members of the National Congress that dominated al-Bashir and political forces who participated in the Al-Bashir government. [11] Article 25 membership is open to Sudanese nationals at least 21 years of age who “have integrity and competence,” who have not been criminally convicted of “honour, reliability or financial responsibility” and who can read and write. [11] On July 17, the TMC and FFC signed a written form of agreement. [5] The Darfur General Coordination[6] opposed the 5 July verbal agreement and the Sudan Revolutionary Front[7], the National Consensus Forces[8] and the Sudan Journalists Network[9] against the written agreement of 17 July. On 4 August 2019, the draft constitutional declaration[10][11] was signed first by Ahmed Rabee for the FFC and by Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Deputy Head of the TMC, “Hemetti”), in the presence of Ethiopian mediators and the African Union[12] and signed on 17 August by Rabee and Hemetti in the presence of international heads of state and government. [13] “Today we have reached a peace agreement. We`re happy. We have completed the mission,” said Tut Gatluak, head of south Sudan`s mediation team, shortly before the signing of the agreement, which was reached a year after the start of peace talks. The 11-member Sovereignty Council is defined in Article 9. (a) the draft constitutional declaration of 4 August as Sudan`s head of state. [11] The planned membership of the Sovereignty Council includes the military Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (“Hemetti”), Lieutenant-General Yasser al-Atta and two other military personnel selected by the TMC; [13] five civilians selected by the FFC: Aisha Musa el-Saïd, Siddig Tower, Mohamed Elfaki Suleiman, Hassan Sheikh Idris and Mohammed Hassan al-Ta`ishi; [48] [49] and a civilian, Raja Nicola, chosen by mutual agreement.

[49] The Sovereignty Council is predominantly male and has only two female members: Aisha Musa and Raja Nicola. [50] Human Rights Watch (HRW) commended the transitional government for its various steps in favour of legal reform, including the repeal of the Public Order Act and the Waste Management Act, the criminalization of female genital mutilation and the adoption of bills establishing human rights and transition reform commissions , but he called on him to accelerate the pace of legal and institutional reforms and to consult with civil society groups on new laws. before they are adopted. [35] He is committed to all