(b) release and remove forever the parties released from liability for bodily harm, death, property damage or losses incurred by the tenancy for any reason, including, but not limited to, negligence (negligence and attentive person used in similar circumstances), violation of any legal obligation, infringement, fault, act, inaction or misjudgment committed by studio owners and/or staff; As a condition of renting studio facilities and equipment from the Studios factory, the tenant freely and unconstrainedly performs the release and waiver of liability under the following conditions: The tenant (as a customer of the Factory Studios) assumes responsibility for himself and any other person who enters the rented studio room during your specified period and undertakes to comply with the rules and regulations of the studios. You also agree that your credit card will be charged for any costs arising from your use of the facility, which is not limited to the absence of equipment at check-out, negligence that results in a deterioration of the device or studio, or an excess of time. Scratches/tooths on photo lamps or other devices result in a minimum damage cost of $50. Please advise your crew to exercise caution. For people who are related to the rental of the photo studio, including the booking client and/or people with the booking customer`s party, dirty/damage more than the assigned 4ft of seamless paper, the booking customer can be charged $1.25 per linear foot, if as a reasonable fee from the factory studio employee and/or management. The tenant assumes responsibility for losses (the amount exclusively determined by the ownership of the factory studios) or damage to the studio; Equipment in commercial premises resulting from the same tenant (except for normal wear). The tenant agrees to cover the cost of repairing or repairing such losses or damage within 48 hours of a claim from Werk Studios to the tenant. 50% retention is required to keep studio and rental items and the date of the event. The retention is applied to the final count and the balance is due on the date or date of your rent. The date and rental/studio items will only be reserved when the signed storage and rental contract is forwarded and received to the studio.

Preservation is not refundable. Paperwork management should not have to take place in your daily space. Whether you`re renting studios for dance rehearsals, yoga classes, art workshops or private parties, use this free PDF model for studio rentals to immediately create official rentals. With each form entry, your custom studio rental contract template automatically converts legally binding contact information and signatures into polished and professional PDFs, which you can easily access any electronic device, share with customers and print for your recordings. 10. If a representative or group violates certain parts of this agreement, Werk Studios employees have the right to immediately terminate their occupation and deny them services in the future.