If you do not meet the above criteria, you will be considered an international student. More information is available in Appendix 1 of the October 2020 ukri guidelines, which are attributed to projects from the candidate. As soon as you have an idea of the purpose and scope of your project, you should contact an academic at one of our three partner institutions to see if they act as your supervisor and help you refine your project idea when needed. As you will see in our application forms, you are not expected to have a research proposal as well trained as someone who is applying for a 3-Award and who already has a master`s degree. Founded in 1829, KCL is one of the top 20 universities in the world according to qs World University Rankings 2013/14. It has nine university schools of arts and humanities, biomedical sciences, Dental Institute, Institute of Psychiatry, Law, Medicine, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Nurses and Midwives and Social Sciences – Public Policy. Its academic excellence enables first-class teaching, research and innovation at the service of society. The joint doctoral program was established in 2010/2011. It provides students with a valuable opportunity to research in a variety of disciplines and on topics that invite interdisciplinary and intercultural approaches at two leading universities in Asia and Europe.

Collaborative students box are assigned to projects previously developed by a hierarchical superior, so that your supervisor and the overall structure of the project are already in place. Given the limited number of places available, it is likely that successful candidates have a very good first degree (ba- or BSc-Ehren or equivalent, for the first or second year with an average of 65% or more). A corresponding master`s degree is expected for 3 awards (at a level of distinction or at least a high level of salary). Other qualifications relevant to the proposed field of study, such as professional or professional expertise, will also be taken into account.