There are fiduciary obligations in the financial sense of the word, to ensure that those who manage other people`s money act in the best interests of their beneficiaries rather than serving their own interests. The “Fiduciary Services in the 21st Century” program notes that there is “no barrier, far from it, for positive obligations to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment processes. [5] The program also concludes that “the integration of ESG issues into research and investment processes will enable investors to make better investment decisions and improve investment performance in accordance with their fiduciary obligations.” [5] See “Obligation of Guardianship and Pension Management.” Some relationships that may be close are not held as a fiduciary duty. Thus, friends do not have such an obligation to each other or to shareholders to other shareholders (unless one is a majority shareholder, in which case some jurisdictions impose such an obligation) or advertising managers to customers or bargaining parties. Sellers normally do not have a fiduciary duty to clients and most employers do not have a fiduciary duty to most workers, although some employers have been required in some jurisdictions to maintain a safe and secure site free from illegal harassment. Even after careful consideration of all options at its disposal, the Board of Directors has a responsibility to choose the option that it believes is in the best interests of the company and its shareholders. In many types of situations, fiduciary agreements can be used ad as follows: in the English common law, the fiduciary relationship is an important term within a part of the legal system known as equity. In the United Kingdom, judicial acts have merged the courts of justice (court of opportunity, historically located in England) with the common law courts and, as a result, the concept of fidelity has also become applicable in common law courts. In the context of a guardian/communal relationship, the guardianship of a minor is transferred to a particular adult. As an agent, the legal guardian`s mission is to ensure that the minor child or child care service is adequately cared for, including the decision to send the minor to school, to ensure that the minor receives appropriate medical care, appropriate disciplines and to ensure that his or her daily well-being remains intact. “The cases in which such an obligation has been taken in hand concern first-hand companies that are small and narrow, where there is often a family or other relationship between the parties and where, in almost all cases, there is a special transaction in which the directors deal with the shareholders.”