Learn more about the ASTHO Challenge and how to play an important role in building healthy communities. Looking for other materials to support the efforts of your agency covid-19? Visit ASTHO`s COVID-19 page to see resources on ability, communication, contact tracking and disease response, healing, resilience and more. An annual ASTHO initiative to improve the health of the population through the work of public health authorities. Accompany your colleagues and participate in various topics of discussion. ASTHO, ASTHO`s platform for cooperation and discussion. ASTHO members can access Platform 0 This edition compares vaccine effectiveness, vaccine delivery, potential side effects and other important details for each vaccine. States are working to help rural hospitals despite the challenges of the pandemic This report delves into what two states are now doing to address insecticide resistance. Applications are now accepted for a number of virtual learning opportunities in order to take advantage of interprofessional cooperation to build healthy environments. ASTHO has launched the latest Public Health and Territorial Public Health Profile, which is now equipped with an interactive dashboard. Aggregate and individual data from the public health authority are posted to examine current trends in agency activities, structure, workforce and funding.