Session 1 – What role for trade agreements in promoting gender equality: a dialogue The workshop will also reflect on new ideas and initiatives to make trade policy a “Game Changer” for women. Many countries have a strong political will to use trade agreements to contribute to achieving gender equality and women`s empowerment. The meeting will discuss how gender commitments contained so far in trade agreements could be made bolder and what will be needed to make the inclusion of gender considerations in trade agreements a “game of change” for women. Session 3 – Reflections on New Ideas on Equality Between Trade Agreements The meeting will address the most common gender commitments contained in trade agreements and analyze the new trend to address gender equality issues in specific chapters of trade and gender equality. In addition to free trade agreements, several regional integration treaties include obligations on gender equality and women`s empowerment. The meeting will examine gender similarities and differences between regions and highlight possible factors. The meeting will also provide an update on what has been achieved so far through various initiatives. Session 2 – Gender considerations in free trade agreements, regional integration agreements and preferential trade regimes. What are the provisions and what has been done so far? The trade community recognizes that trade policy can be used as an instrument to strengthen women. This is a radical change in attitude. There is a long tradition of including “non-trade concerns” in trade agreements, such as workers` rights, human rights and environmental protection. The meeting will address the similarities and differences between “non-commercial concerns,” including gender equality and women`s empowerment, as well as lessons learned from past experiences.

He will also discuss the impact of an inclusive trade negotiation process on the outcome. The workshop is organized by Iceland, Botswana and UNCTAD in cooperation with the WTO. Registrations: If you do not have a WTO badge, please email your name and organization by 6pm on Monday 25 March (subject: BA 28-03). There are some problems to access the document path, please contact the Admin LukePresentation.pdfDeMeloPresentation.pdfMonteiroPresentation.pdfSimonettiPresentation.pdfZrilliPresentation.pdf.