If I have registered as a non-government student, can I receive first-year tuition and classes if I live off campus? Does the possession of real estate in South Carolina allow students to receive courses in the states? If you wish to receive courses at the state, I hope that one of the six possibilities outlined in this article will apply to you. Don`t let it become a financial barrier to the education you want from non-government tuition. Title 59 – CHAPTER 112 OF THE 112. TUITION AND TAX FIXING SECTION 59-112-10. Definitions. As used in this chapter: A. The terms “state agency” are post-secondary institutions under jurisdiction: (1) the board of directors of Clemson University; (2) Board of Trustees, Medical University of South Carolina; (3) Board of Trustees, South Carolina State University; (4) Board of Directors, College of Charleston; (5) the foundation board of the University of Lander; (6) The Board of Directors of Francis Marion University; (7) the Visitors` Council, the Citadel; (8) the Board of Trustees, University of South Carolina; (9) Winthrop University Board of Directors; (10) Board of Trustees, Coastal Carolina University; (11) the National Office for Technical and Global Education. B. The term “student” refers to anyone enrolled in a public institution. C. The term “home” or “place of residence” refers to the permanent and permanent physical presence in that state, provided that temporary absences for short periods do not affect the installation of a residence.

D. The term “home” refers to a person`s actual, fixed, principal and residence residence; it indicates where that person wishes to stay and where he intends to return to his departure without establishing a new residence in another state. For the purposes of this section, one can only have one legal residence; It is assumed that you automatically abandon an old home when you build a new one. It is considered that the accommodation provided on an academic basis to students of public institutions is not a principal residence, since the residence in these dwellings is by nature temporary.